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117 questions answered

Today, I would like to show you some of the new black and white clothes I have bought and also some clothes that is on my wishlist.  Besides showing you clothes I would like to give you a glimpse of my "new" daily life in Turkey, which isn't that new anymore and during my time, I have asked so many questions about the culture that I think around 117 questions HAVE been answered! ... Read more

I'd rather have flowers on my table...

I'd rather have flowers on my table than diamonds on my neck... It is a qoute by Emma Goldman and I couldn't agree more. With this quote I will show you some of the beauty in the world that is free to enjoy - flowers... I went for a walk to Alanya centrum the other day and saw all the beautiful flowers. ... Read more

Letting go of striving for perfection

I will show you some clothes, which bring out the best energy for the rest of the week and also I will share my thoughts about how I try to let go of constant striving for perfection. Not easy, but I think it is very important to stop imagining that it will make you more happy in life. ... Read more

What you didn't know about Alanya

I will show you some different clothes today. One big mix of everything I would like to wear for the spring and for the new tourist season in Alanya, which brings me to the first thing that has surprised me about living in Alanya:  Every month, every season, every year differs a lot... ... Read more

Boost your happiness in 5 minutes!

I want to show you some colourful clothes that can boost your energy and also I want to show you how you can become happy in only 5 minutes! The other day it happened to me after a long day of struggling with no reason.. I should be happy, which made it worse, because I had absolutely no reason not to be. ... Read more

Blue shirts without comparison

Seeing a rainbow means a wish for blue shirts... First I want to show you a rainbow, I saw the other day at Alanya harbour. A more beautiful version is on my Instagram: http://instagram. com/p/kc9ogpC_Rg/ My boyfriend took around 10 amazingly beautiful pictures of the rainbow from different angles. ... Read more

Fashion designer Jill Wantenaar

Using Twitter can be quite fantastic. It was how I got in contact with the upcoming fashion designer Jill Wantenaar. Through e-mails with Jill Wantenaar I found out that Carry My Style's purpose of telling good stories and showing great clothes was perfectly combined by giving you a small portrait of Jill Wantenaar. ... Read more

Lady in red on Valentine's Day

Soon it is Valentine's Day, so therefore I want to show you some outfits that is perfect for being lady in red on this special day. "Special day? ", you might not agree, but let's not argue about that.  I am going to celebrate it just a bit (for the first time), no matter what other people say. ... Read more

February in Alanya

I have picked some outfits that I would love to wear in Alanya in February. By the way, you can follow me on Pinterest for more fashion inspiration: http://www. pinterest. com/carrymystyle/ I am also at Twitter: https://twitter. com/CarryMyStyle and Instagram: http://instagram. ... Read more

Colourful clothes, colourful life

It is Monday, beginning of a new week and I am looking forward to see what the week has to bring.. I am having a zumba trial class in Alanya this week, I will meet with a Danish girl in Alanya and I have some interesting work tasks.  The weekend was a little grey.  It has been raining nonstop in Alanya and has been cold and windy, so I haven't really been out since Friday! ... Read more