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The moment, you are corrected by a 6-years old

The moment, you are corrected by a 6-years old, you realise that even though you are a grown-up, in my case 31 years old, there are things you will never learn.. Silly things in everyday life, which give you a few struggles and make you feel even more awkvard around these "weaknesses". ... Read more

The perfect plan B

As written in my previous blog post, my boyfriend and I have just moved to a new apartment, so that is always a big thing, trying to find the right place at the right time. We were going to leave the keys from the previous apartment June 28th, but I had found a great apartment, we could take over as soon as the deposit was transferred. ... Read more

The week, I went offline

Finally, I have internet again after almost a week, where I have tried surviving without. Not easy, when your work is based on being online.. Thanks to wifi in many restaurants and hotels, I managed to get my work done, anyway.   I have never experienced more technical problems than in the past week. ... Read more

Plant a tree with this tshirt

I have just found a webshop, which is selling tshirts, but they have a bigger mission than just selling tshirts.. After you have bought a tshirt at the webshop, the company called 'Me to We Style' plant a tree afterwards.. Great mission, isn't it? :-)  We hear about environmental changes all the time in the news. ... Read more

Turkish barbecue night

For some days ago, I went to Dim Cay River together with my boyfriend and some of our friends from Holland. We went for a barbecue night at this picnic place, you can see on the pictures below. It was great with a little escape from everyday life, because I have worked quite a bit these days, so a break like this with mountain view was just what I needed. ... Read more

Who brings the sun?

Some people are sweet as sugar and seem to bring the sun, just when you need it.  The best thing about spending so much time in a restaurant is that I meet so many positive and sweet people. I had never thought that I would meet people, who would come by the restaurant to say goodbye, before leaving Alanya or who come by the restaurant to say hi, as soon as they wake up, after having arrived in the night. ... Read more

I still pick my own clothes

When my mother was here, we went shopping one day all three of us and it was really nice. It felt so natural, even though I hadn't imagined that it would, since my mother and me are used to go shopping alone, just me and her.  Shopping with a mother-in-law is perhaps not the most natural choice for many men, but my boyfriend normally shows enthusiasm no matter what I suggest, so sometimes I even forget that it might not be that normal to be passionated about what shoes to choose or having him to discuss beauty treatments on our behalf - like I wrote about in my previous article:-)  We found a quite big shoes- and bags shop in the bazar area in Alanya. ... Read more

Wellness in Alanya

Rarely do I book a massage, a healing session, acupuncture, facial treatment or even hamam here in Alanya, but when I do, I cross my fingers that it will be a relaxing and pleasant experience. I am not fond of the uncertainty connected with these treatments and that makes me often more nervous than relaxed. ... Read more

Then I got out of my comfort zone

Holiday can also be about getting out of your comfort zone. The week my mother was here, we went to the country side of Alanya and then you have to forget all about being fussy.  We went for a mountain trip around Dim Cay River and if you look at the picture to the right, you get the picture that country life had set in at this point. ... Read more

Visit from Denmark

My mother has just been here to visit me in Alanya for a week and the time went so fast. She was going to meet my boyfriend for the first time, so we were excited and a bit nervous, because a week can feel really long, if it just doesn't work out. Luckily, we had so much fun. Me and my mother always laugh quite a lot, when we spend time together, so my boyfriend could feel free to joke with her as well:-) He quickly decided just to call her: 'Mor', which means mother in Danish and it just started out as a joke, but after a while it felt quite natural to hear him call her 'mor':-)  I think my boyfriend was as sad as me, saying goodby to her. ... Read more