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Four unique things about being a mother

Maybe you have just become a mother and you wonder what role you will play in her/his life? You might feel that you can't think two sentences that make sense from the lack of sleep. It might feel a little overwhelming adjusting to the new role; being a parent. Below, I have listed four unique things about being a mother, you might be able to relate to. ... Read more

Working on choosing courage

I often think of the word: 'Courage'. A lot of people have said to me that travelling to England to live and later on to Turkey must have taken a lot of courage. It takes a lot of courage to do something else than what the norm is doing and to leave "everything behind". However, I have been surprised every time people have called me courageous. ... Read more

Advice for new moms

It is a new year and a lot of exiting things will happen in 2015 – merely by the fact that we have a baby. :-) Then every little step in our baby's development counts. I will highlight what I have learned in the past two months, because maybe it can inspire others, who have just become parents. ... Read more

Welcome to the world

Our daughter Ella has arrived - October 30th on a sunny autumn morning.   She is very healthy, so we couldn't have asked for more.. Okay, I got an infection during birth, so we had to stay at the hospital for four days.. It wasn't that bad, though;-) It was nice that we didn't need to think of preparing meals etc. ... Read more

Half Danish, half Turkish, totally lucky

Very soon I am going to be a mother for the first time and while me and my beloved boyfriend are waiting for her arrival, I have reflected on how lucky our daughter will be - being half Danish and Turkish.   My boyfriend and I have had many conversations on how to bring her up and how we can best integrate the Danish and Turkish culture in her life. ... Read more

Autumn in Denmark is full of surprises

As you perhaps already know, I am in Denmark now - the country I grew up in. My boyfriend will come visiting me later on, so that is really nice.  I look forward to showing him more of Denmark and he will also meet more of my extended family this time.   Life has been full of surprises the last couple of years. ... Read more

October in Denmark versus in Turkey

A lot of people are having a holiday in Alanya in October. Many people are especially interested to know how the weather is like in October. Since I am in Denmark and enjoying the autumn here, I got this idea of comparing autumn here with autumn in Alanya.   When it is time to relax Last year in Alanya, I went swimming everyday by the sea. ... Read more

Three characteristics about the Danes

I am in Denmark and I will add much more about my time here in my next blog post. In this blog post, I will share what I have observed of changes regarding the Danes, since I lived here in 2012. I have found three characteristics about the Danes and I wonder, if you agree with me or not:-)  The Danes are even more obsessed by living healthy During my time in England and Turkey, I have had difficulties staying updated on all the latest diets and diets books on the market. ... Read more

One year in Alanya

I have just arrived in Denmark - I will tell about my time in Denmark in the next blog post. In this blog post, I will look back at the past year, since I have lived in Alanya for more than one year now.  I would like to give my perspective on what I have learned so far about living here.. ... Read more

The dog, who resulted in a bad grade

I am one of those people, who loves to watch videos from for instance http://3milliondogs. com/ about a lot of amazing dogs, who help blinds, deafs etc. In this week, I will recommend this video about a blind dog, who saves a girl from drowning, if you are in the mood for watching something really sentimental. ... Read more